Premier alternatives manager in emerging markets:  Proven expertise in various market cycles in a variety of EM asset classes and regions.

Ability to profit in both up and down markets: During the credit crisis, Waypoint’s investment strategy generated net returns over 30% in 2008 and over 15% in 2009 and 2010. Our performance figures elicit very low/negative correlations to traditional market indices and other hedge funds.

Capital Preservation: WAM’s commitment to hedging and downside protection increases the probability of capital preservation in volatile markets and allows compounding to work.

Asymmetric risk/reward: Is the driver our investment philosophy, we strive to construct asymmetry and optionality in our trades, seeking upside potential while managing downside risk. We seek to exploit inefficiencies and volatility in global markets.

Transparency: Our philosophy recognizes our investors’ needs and reporting requirements. Our portfolio exposures, attributions and positioning are disclosed to our investors on a monthly basis.