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  • Premier alternatives manager in emerging markets with over 90 years of combined experience: Proven expertise in various market cycles and highly volatile periods of political and macroeconomic instability, in a variety of Emerging Market asset classes and regions. 
  • Our approach is highly strategic and pursues investment opportunities that arise: 1) in the marketplace due to niche exploitable market inefficiencies, and 2) in response to political and/or economic events. Our performance figures elicit very low/negative correlations to traditional market indices and other hedge funds. 

  • Asymmetric risk/reward: Is the driver our investment philosophy, we strive to construct asymmetry and optionality in our trades, seeking upside potential while managing downside risk. We seek to exploit inefficiencies and volatility in global emerging markets, that arise from political and/or economic events. 
  • Transparency: Our philosophy recognizes our investors’ needs and reporting requirements. Our portfolio exposures, attributions and positioning are disclosed to our investors on a monthly basis.

  • Infrastructure: WAM is registered with the State of Connecticut Department of Banking as an investment adviser, and is a Minority Business Enterprise. Complementing WAM’s investment team is a solid institutional business infrastructure, with experienced and dedicated staff responsible for risk management, compliance, financial reporting, operations and client servicing, WAM has the experience and expertise to both properly manage sophisticated investor relationships and manage future growth. To provide a series of independent checks and balances we have also partnered with well-known service providers to perform independent administration, prime brokerage, auditing and legal services. 




Mr. Pedreira, Chief Investment Officer and Managing Member, is the co-portfolio manager and co-decision maker for the Waypoint advised funds.  Mr. Pedreira has over 30 years of experience in emerging markets, including 20 years as a portfolio manager and 12 years directly involved in trading and risk management. Prior to founding Waypoint Asset Management, Mr. Pedreira was a partner and co-founder of Forum Asset Management and Forum Capital Management, LLC. Previously he was a partner at Columbus Group, where he was the portfolio manager to the Columbus Venezuela Fund and for the Columbus Emerging Opportunities Fund. Mr. Pedreira spent eight years with Merrill Lynch where he was a managing director and the head of emerging markets trading in New York. Mr. Pedreira started his professional career in Citibank where he worked in different areas of the bank in different locations worldwide. Mr. Pedreira is a Spanish native speaker. ​

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Mr. Da Corte is the firm’s Chief Operating Officer, Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Risk Officer and has over 35 years of experience in trading, risk management, and business development in emerging markets. Prior to joining WAM Mr. Da Corte was a partner and co-founder of Forum Asset Management where he was responsible for risk management, compliance, and operations. Prior to Forum, Mr. Da Corte was a Managing Director for the Darby Overseas Fixed Income Fund (Emerging Markets Credit) in Washington D.C. From 1990 to 1999, he held various positions at ING Barings where he initially joined as a senior trader in the Emerging Markets Fixed Income group and later took on the position of Head of Emerging Markets Global Trading. Additionally, he was responsible for the Proprietary Trading Group that invested in non-emerging markets distressed assets and was a member of the ING Barings Financial Markets Committee. Mr. Da Corte is a Spanish native-speaker and is fluent in Portuguese.​

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